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The Assignment Book System

The two books organize students, parents, and teachers; save students money; and save more trees. Students keep the Technic & Dictionary book from year to year, replacing only the Assignment Pages when needed. Both books are 3 hole punched and can be “All In One” through the use of a binder. Being organized, saves time.

“Assignment Page” book @ $4.00

52 Assignment Pages with technic assignment chart, lesson report card, and student practice record. A memorization and contest record is included. Click the cover of the book to see a sample.

Click to watch the Video. Click the arrrows for full size.

Great for music camps!

“Technic & Dictionary” book $8.00

The “no excuse” practicing partner. This book has it all: Technic worksheets, exercises, Circle of 5ths, Staff Paper, and a comprehensive Music Dictionary. Click the cover of the book to see a sample.

Most of my materials are considered consumable items under the copyright law. Any item requiring students to write their answers, is considered consumable. Each student studying from a book or flash card set requiring writing is required to purchase that item.