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2003 AIM Study
2014 AIM Study
What's New?

Download the latest Music Perceptions order blanks by clicking the Order Blank button to the left.

.pdf Answer Sheets for 2003 and 2014 Music Study Sheets are available under the “Teacher’s Corner” page.

Level 1A; Level 1B; and Level 1C Music Study Sheets books are available. .mp3 codes are on the Table of Contents page. Aural Answers are included.


Videos of products and Musicedconnect.com Exhibit videos from 2016 and 2017.


Theory Drills on Intervals by Dr. Huei Li Chin is available (see order blank).

Theory Drills on Scales and Keys by Dr. Huei Li Chin is available (see order blank).

Theory Drills on Triads and Inversions by Dr. Huei Li Chin is available (see order blank).


mp3 files are available on the website under AIM Study for free downloading with workbook purchase. Use the instructions provided on the 2003 Aural Activity mp3 page. Students and teachers have the right to download .mp3 files for use with the purchase of the workbook. Students can work independently at home, or in your studio with headphones. This saves you teaching time and money. You can have more than one student. One working with you, while another works on AIM materials.


New artwork has been created for the “Music Experience” books by Lauren Halvorson, my daughter. “Music Experience A, B, C, and D” have new cover art. “Music Experience A, B, C & D have new layout and more sight reading is included. “Music Experience E” is finished. mp3 files are available. Videos are being created for these books.



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