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2014 AIM Study

I have created Levels 1A-11 workbooks, “Music Study Sheets.” More levels are being written. These materials help students study for the Illinois State Music Teachers Association Achievement in Music (AIM) Exams, 2014 Syllabus Revision. Sight reading, theory, ear training, and technique is included. Correlated to the books are .mp3 files created for listening and completing the Aural Activity pages. This system of studying is designed to save the teacher and student time.

.mp3 Aural files correlated to the “Music Study Sheets” workbooks are downloaded below by using the code on the back cover of the workbook. Each level has its own code. Click on the MP3 link below to download the Aural Activity files in .mp3 format for the “Music Study Sheets” workbooks. Follow the instructions exactly as listed. Codes for the Level 1A; Level 1B and Level 1C Music Study Sheets books are found on the bottom of the table of contents.

Music Study Sheets MP3 files.


Click to watch the Video. Click the arrrows for full size.

This video was produced before I started writing level 9. Level 9 Music Study Sheets workbook is a total rewrite from the 2003 edition. Levels 10-11 are partial rewrites of the 2003 edition. When level 12 is finished it also will be a partial rewrite of the 2003 edition.

Most of my materials are considered consumable items under the copyright law. Any item requiring students to write their answers, is considered consumable. Each student studying from a book or flash card set requiring writing is required to purchase that item.