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Card Games

Single or multiple student use. Game booklet included. Students retain more information when having fun while learning theory.

Great for Music Camps!

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      Tempo Term Maid @ $8.00      Expression Term Maid @ $8.00

      26 terms and definitions, plus the “Old Maid” card create fun times while learning Tempo or Expression Terms and definitions.

Key Signature Games @ $8.00 Learning Major and minor key signatures is fun while playing card games of: Concentration, Key Signature Rummy, Crazy Key Signature, or Fishing for Key Signatures. Both sharp and flat key signatures are included. These cards can be mixed with the Cadence Games in many ways to make more games.

Root Position Major Cadence Games @ $8.00 Learning about chords is always easier while having a lot of fun. The Cadence Games sets of cards help students quickly master naming chords and matching chords belonging to Primary chord cadences. Use them with Key Signature games to have more ways to learn.

1st Inversion Major Cadence Games @ $8.00 Time is well spent when these cards are given to students to match while waiting to start lessons, or be picked up from lessons. Both sharp and flat Major key signatures are included.

2nd Inversion Major Cadence Games @ $8.00 Don’t forget to get double duty out of these cards by having students play them. They are great for strengthening sight reading skills.