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Great for Music Camps!

Music Experience - A Music Workshop in Every Lesson (for private or group study). Also, a great resource for music camps.

What’s New? - New terminology introduced through flash card activities.

Read it Right at Sight - Sight reading activities and sight reading flash cards played in varied places.

Playing the Keys - Keyboard orientation & technical agility activities (Midi or .mp3).

What’s that Rhythm - New rhythmic patterns introduced (Midi or .mp3).

Time to Review - Reviewing activities.

You are the Composer - composing activities expand musicality and review material.

Student Playable Ensembles - each solo piece also has an ensemble written in “Orff” style. Ensembles strengthen sight reading, accurate rhythm playing with a steady beat, and orchestration in composition (Midi or .mp3 available with purchase).

Be a Music Detective - Fun theory activities correlated to each piece, increase understanding of the piece. 

Color on the page - Consistent use of color aids students visually in correct practicing.

Most of my materials are considered consumable items under the copyright law. Any item requiring students to write their answers, is considered consumable. Each student studying from a book or flash card set requiring writing is required to purchase that item.